Educational Workshops

Client Workshops are free to clients and their staff. They are the hub of our education and training.
A core principle of the FOCUS process is not just to advise, but to educate and enlighten our clients. Our process is custom-designed to evaluate and address the unique problems of each jeweler. We provide client-specific training to build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.
We provide our clients with unlimited access to basic and advanced workshops throughout the year. They are free to attend, are held at our headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, and are open to as many staff as a client would like to bring. (Airfare to Las Vegas, hotel, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses are covered by the client.)
Each Workshop offers leading edge information for business growth and increased profits. We give you the tools and knowledge necessary to reduce the work and time needed to:
  • increase gross profit
  • develop supplier agreements
  • effectively manage and reduce debt
  • improve sales volume and staff performance.

We begin with the basics of improving store performance and move on to advanced programs. FOCUS workshops are directed by our team of expert management consultants. They have first-hand knowledge of what you experience every day. Their insights into what matters most to jewelers has helped us design educational programs that give jewelers what they want and need most: Not just what to do . . . but how to do it!
Three important Workshops are part of the core initial training:

Introductory Workshop

The Introductory Workshop provides the core basic training that is the foundation of the FOCUS philosophies. You’ll learn about the Four S’s: Suppliers, Stock, Staff, and Self. You’ll learn basic financial terminology and key fundamentals that greatly impact your business and profitability. Stock management, the “FOCUS Model,” and the basics of our spreadsheets are also discussed. This Workshop is designed to give you what you need to get started on your monthly management calls with your FOCUS consultant and to grasp the core behaviors that will grow your business, increase your profitability, and inspire your confidence.

Suppliers & Stock Workshop

The Suppliers & Stock Workshop, second in the preliminary series of classes, will review some of the basics you learned in the Introductory Workshop, but will dive more deeply into getting the most out of your suppliers and your inventory. Picking the right suppliers and having the right merchandise is vital to the success of your business. We call your inventory “stock” because it is your “stock in trade.” You will learn how to buy better and with more confidence. And you will learn how to manage your inventory, how to reorder fast-selling merchandise, and how to maximize the value of your capital investment. When you leave this workshop, you will know how to control your “open to buy” and how to grow more profitably through your suppliers.

Self & Staff Workshop

The Self & Staff Workshop is the third and final class in the first series of basic workshops at FOCUS. Designed to take an in-depth look at the human elements of your business, Self & Staff analyzes your ability to lead and manage your team, and your staff’s abilities to perform on your behalf. Managing yourself is one of the most important behaviors in the core FOCUS philosophy. It is the key to unleashing your dynamics in the business. It is also the key to managing your most valuable asset: Your Staff. You will come away from this workshop with a fuller understanding and appreciation of the value that leadership and management play in the oversight of your precious human capital.
After roughly the first year of Workshops, jewelers are established in Groups, and more advanced Workshops are created for each Group. Clients can attend as many Workshops as they wish. These are powerful, personal training classes and a truly great value to FOCUS clients.