Personal One-On-One Consulting

why focusFOCUS has developed benchmarking standards using data on over 1,000 retail stores. Regardless of the sales volume or store specifics, there are core philosophies and techniques that yield maximum profitability. The team at FOCUS can provide you with a crystal clear roadmap of what steps need to be taken to maximize your profitability through inventory and debt control to proper staffing and financial management.  Contact us today for your free, personalized business analysis. FOCUS provides a free business analysis to help you find out specifically how we can help you increase your profitability.
FOCUS Business Management Institute provides business consultation services to the retail jewelry industry. Our business practices include, but are not limited to:
  • Software
    • Our software interfaces with all of the most popular retail jewelry POS systems
    • We access our client’s computer remotely
    • We install our custom software program on our client’s computer
    • Our software takes a ‘read-only’ snapshot of the client’s POS database
    • Our software provides the data reports to our clients and to us for analysis
  • Business Consultation Services
    • FOCUS consults with the owners on all aspects of their business via monthly consultation telephone calls and regularly scheduled in-person workshops. These include, but are not limited to, providing analysis and recommendations regarding:
  • Inventory Management
    • • Detailed reporting shows what items the jeweler should stock and re-stock
    • • Recommendation on what items to exchange with suppliers, re-purpose or scrap
  • Financial Management
    • • Detailed description of how to allocate funds to ensure that vendors are getting paid, funds are available for taxes, and funds are available for stock
    • • Provide guidance on when to speak to financial consultants
  • Staffing Decisions
    • • Analysis on employee performance
    • • Recommendations on how to motivate staff and increase sales
  • Succession Planning
    • • Provide guidance on items that need to be addressed for a successful succession plan – including financial analysis and planning recommendations for items to address with financial planners, CPAs, and legal counsel
Contact us today to see how we can help you increase the profitability from your store.

FOCUS Clients: How we work and what you get…..

When you sign a one-year agreement with FOCUS, you will pay a monthly retainer fee and receive the following:
  • The powerful FOCUS Reports licensed to you for your daily use
    • We convert your point of sale data from any common jewelry store software into our FOCUS reports. These reports reside on your computer and on ours.
  • Full access and unlimited calls to FOCUS and your management consultant
    • You will have a designated management consultant, but you are free to speak with anyone at FOCUS about any of your management needs.
  • Formal, monthly business management calls with your management consultant
    • These calls are scheduled in advance, and are appropriate to your day & time preferences.
  • Technical support for your basic computer and office needs
    • Our technical support team is available during regular workplace hours.
  • An expert team of professionals who have your back, and are passionate about helping you achieve greater profitability
    • The FOCUS team has a wealth of consulting and jewelry experience.
  • Unlimited access to FOCUS Educational Workshops – three the first year – for as many staff as you wish to attend
    • You and your staff can attend these Workshops as often as you wish. Repeating the same Workshop proves to be an excellent learning guide, and a particularly good review tool.


You get EDUCATION, TRAINING, CONSULTING, COACHING, SOPHISTICATED REPORTING, AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT – everything you need to run an effective and profitable jewelry store!