Client Testimonials


Greg Raskin

“Just wanted to thank you and let you know a few things since starting with Focus. At the beginning I resisted the ideas that you were presenting to me.I think I had the mentality that things would simply and miraculously change over time. My supplier debt was high and I kept getting those dreaded phone calls from my vendors demanding money. I decided that I should make an effort and put your suggestions into action. We set up your cash flow control and buying plan. We were still able to buy what we needed and we started paying down the supplier debt. We also worked on increasing the store’s profitability. My gross profit went up over $100,000 which helped me to pay off the rest of my debt. Sales went up about 20% and the staff’s attitude became more positive, the customers were happy and I was not getting the dreaded phone calls from my vendors asking for money anymore. My JBT rating is now perfect!! As a matter of fact, suppliers are now calling me hoping to get my business. I pay cash for orders and get the 7% discount for cash (more profit, no debt!). Last major suggestion you advised me on was how to re-set up all my displays, the stores is now on track to increase sales by at least another 20% because of this. The best part of it all is after renting our current location since 1969 I am getting the opportunity to buy our building for $1.5 million and I am not worried about how I am going to pay for it. It is not easy at times to change our behaviors but your program is simple if we just do a little work. Thank you for your commitment to helping us jewelers to be more profitable again, and putting the fun back into the business.I am coming to the advanced Group Seminar on April 4 and I am looking forward to planning the next 3 years’ sales and profitability.”
– Greg Raskin, Raskin’s Jewelers – Prescott, AZ (928) 445 6120

Dennis Vondrel

“Once in a while a truly great opportunity comes along. For us, FOCUS Business Management was that opportunity and they delivered results. Thanks to FOCUS software tools and management consultant Don Greig, we dramatically improved our cash flow and gross profit. We gained control of our inventory investment and more than doubled our annual stock turn. These improvements were so dramatic that we were able to relocate into a beautiful 4000 sq. ft. store built to our design. I encourage anyone looking for an opportunity to improve your business and enhance your lifestyle to take action and enlist the help of FOCUS Business Management Institute today!”
– Dennis Vondrel, Von’s Jewelry – Lima, OH (419) 227-5616

David Hartman

“They saved me from bankruptcy. By working with FOCUS, I was able to reduce my vendor debt from roughly $250,000 to zero. I didn’t know how we could get out of that … it was a big hole we were in … It’s amazing!”
– David Hartman, Hartman Jewelers, Warrenton, VA

Brian Iroff

“It was the biggest cliff I ever thought I’d jump off, but we jumped off it … FOCUS has allowed us to get a good understanding of our own business from a financial and inventory point of view. We became more profitable in a short amount of time.”
– Brian Iroff, Iroff and Son Jewelers, Alpharetta, GA (770) 751-7222