Retail Jewelry Consulting

retail jewelry managementThe FOCUS team has a wealth of retail jewelry experience. Tap into it to grow your business. FOCUS has developed benchmarking standards for products and services using over a thousand retail stores. We have found that regardless of the sales volume of a store, the monthly and departmental sales percentages are consistent. Applying these standards in analyzing your business, the team at FOCUS provides you with a crystal clear roadmap of what steps need to be taken to maximize your profitability through:
  • reduction of debt
  • increased margins
  • proper inventory acquisition
  • good financial management

What We Do

We don’t take over your organization, or tell you how to run it, or run it for you. In these days of hot competition from corporate superstores, online merchants, and mass merchandisers, an independent jeweler must be business-savvy, fleet of foot, carefully-located, and well-capitalized. It also helps to have a partner who understands the business. That’s where we come in. We can help your business and make sure that the store you want to maintain, create, or purchase has the best possible chance of success. You benefit from our years of practical experience helping jewelers:
  • control stock levels
  • increase gross profit
  • understand what to buy
  • improve average retail sale

Business Consultation Services

FOCUS consults with jewelry store owners on all aspects of their business via monthly consultation telephone calls and in-person workshops throughout the year to provide analysis and recommendations regarding:

Inventory Management

  • Detailed reporting of what items the jeweler should stock and re-stock
  • Recommendations on what items to trade back to suppliers, re-purpose or scrap

Financial Management

  • Detailed description of how to allocate funds to ensure that vendors are promptly paid and funds are available for taxes, stock maintenance, and necessary operational expense
  • Guidance on when to speak to financial consultants

Staffing Decisions

  • Analysis of employee performance
  • Recommendations on how to motivate staff and increase sales

Succession Planning

  • Guidance on items that need to be addressed for a successful succession plan
  • Financial analysis and planning, including recommendations for those areas or issues to address with financial planners, CPAs, and legal counsel


  • Our proprietary software interfaces with your existing software so you don’t need to change your system
  • We install our software program on your computer and it takes a ‘read-only’ snapshot of your POS database
  • Our software aggregates your data and provides comprehensive detailed reports. There is power in these reports. They become the tool you use to fine-tune your business operations.
  • We analyze and review each aspect of these comprehensive reports with you. The true meaning and value of your data is what improves all aspects of your business.

How We Work

We work with you on a monthly basis to help monitor your success and help identify improvement opportunities in your business. Often we can help you make significant progress in only a few months.
Our time-tested philosophies and proven analytics provide detailed reports and training that give you the power to make intelligent choices to:
  • Reduce Supplier Debt
  • Maximize Cash Flow
  • Enhance Profitability
  • Increase Personal Income
  • Gain Peace of Mind