Think Creatively

We all need to change in order to improve. To do so, we need to think creatively. We need to think deliberately.
To deliberately change your business you need to:
1. Decide on the specific income group you want to sell to.
2. Buy the inventory needed to suit that income group.
3. Determine which suppliers can produce this inventory.
4. Hire the right staff to sell your high-priced fine jewelry.
5. Set up the right displays to merchandise properly.
Life experiences, habits and beliefs can hinder creative thinking. Old habits create the same patterns of thought and behavior, and are often negative. They dominate our thinking and restrict creativity. Such habits need to change.
To become a super achiever, you need to envision unlimited opportunity. Set realistic goals, achieve them, and reset them. This is an ongoing process.
What level of success would you like to achieve? Are ready to think creatively?