Focus “Guest” Newsletter Message – Bill Boyajian

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As part of my consulting work with FOCUS Business Management Institute, I attend virtually all of their many Two-Day Workshops in Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada. The Workshops are designed to educate clients on the fundamentals of good retail business management and are phased from Basic to more and more Advanced as jewelers progress through the learning cycle. The Workshops are free to all FOCUS clients, can be attended as often as desired, and there is no limit to how many people a jeweler can bring from his or her store.
I’ve been in the jewelry industry for 38 years, and, amazingly, I learn a great deal from every Workshop I attend – even those I’ve participated in before. There seems to be no limit to what we can learn as jewelers and especially as business people. In my consulting work with the industry, I have encountered hundreds of jewelers who could benefit from FOCUS management training. Moreover, jewelers desperately need this kind of training to remain competitive, to increase sales, and especially to increase profits.
One of the most consistent comments I hear during Workshops comes from jewelers who have been in the business for decades. One jeweler this month stated that he had been in the business for 52 years, and that he learned so much in just two days, he couldn’t wait to take it back home and to institute it right away. Whether you do a large volume or a small one, FOCUS has much to offer to every jeweler. My greatest hope is that more jewelers will see the value of having an outside professional help them with basic business management in their store: stock control, supplier relationships, buying expertise, and profitability drivers like markup and average retail sale.
I encourage you to think about how FOCUS can help you in business. Whether you suffer from excessive debt, a lack of cash flow, shrinking margins, dead inventory, or any number of issues that hold your business back, I encourage you to contact FOCUS. I am certain they can help you restore profitability, and lead a more relaxed and appreciative lifestyle.
Bill Boyajian