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Everything in your life is connected.
The quality of jewelry you sell and the repairs you perform are connected to how proud you feel when you sign your name to a check or on a contract.
The quality and type of jewelry you buy and sell are connected to the income of people you want to sell to, which is connected to the quality and type of suppliers you buy from.
The way you present your store and your jewelry is connected to the way your customers view you. How your customers view you is connected to how you view yourself.
How you view yourself is connected to the thoughts you think when you wake up in the morning. Waking up with a smile is connected to how you speak to your spouse and staff, and how you treat your customers.
Getting to work on time every day is connected to how you pay the bills, and how proud you talk the talk and walk the walk.
Discounting is connected to the value you place on your good name, your jewelry, your staff, and more importantly, the precious customers that never ask for a discount.
Profit, in spite of what most people think, is not a dirty word. It’s connected to the measurement of your success, how you educate your family, and your quality of life. It’s also connected to how you pay your staff, the quality of life you help provide to them, how they educate their families, and how they plan their retirement.
How you manage your finances is connected to the profit required to pay down your bank debt, your line of credit, your supplier debt, your credit card debt, the store expenses, and the investments in your tax-deferred retirement plan.
When you improve one connection, all the other connections improve.
Most importantly, all this is connected to how you see yourself.
Changing the way you think will change your life.