Inventory Management

Inventory ManagementYour inventory is your “stock in trade.” Getting the right return on your stock is vital to profitability.

One-on-One Consulting:

We have been there. We know how to run a retail jewelry store and we know how to teach you to run yours more efficiently and effectively. That is why we can solve some of the toughest challenges jewelers face today. Our analysts provide customized knowledge and proven business experience to help you address and resolve specific problem areas, as well as analyze and improve all facets of your business operations.
Challenges can only be resolved permanently through the use of customized strategies designed to meet your specific goals. Our approach is to first help you understand the choices you must make, and then rapidly put into action our proven strategies. Our process recognizes that clients make not only a financial investment in working with us, but also an investment of their valuable time.
Relying on facts and not instinct, we are able to benchmark a client’s store against a host of other similar stores. Our philosophy challenges all assumptions and has important consequences for us and for our clients. It requires precision in defining objectives for our work with a client, clarity in measuring the results, and honesty in evaluating outcomes. It also challenges us to demonstrate the courage of our convictions.
Our approach places some burdens on our clients as well. Making tough choices quickly requires substantial involvement of the relevant decision makers. It’s not as simple as reviewing the “findings” of a report. We stress the need for clients to work with us in defining the choices they face and the information they need to select from among the options available to them. In addition, they need to remove any organizational and individual barriers to change which might prevent action from occurring. Jewelers with the courage to master the skills necessary to implement those changes are among our most successful.
FOCUS Groups work best with jewelers who want to improve their business through networking and helpful hints from like-minded jewelers. When you attend a FOCUS Group, you gain the power and knowledge of successful jewelers who have your interests in mind.


Ultimately, action is what matters.

Our goal isn’t just to analyze problems or discuss possible solutions. Rather, we provide our clients with answers to the questions they have raised with the goal of enhancing competitiveness and profitability. The ultimate test of our effectiveness is whether or not our clients take action and whether those actions yield good results. Clients who immerse themselves in our processes not only transform the way they work but also find their quality of life is significantly improved.