Window Displays are Critical to Sales Success – Morgan Bartel

We are proud to repost this article from InStore Magazine by Morgan Bartel of Collins Diamonds — a Focus client.  It discusses the importance of having an intriguing window display that will capture attention.
Every year as people go holiday gift shopping they see the same run of the mill, red and green decor from storefront to storefront. This year we opted to bring in a whimsical mishmash of playfulness, quirky appeal, and humor! Although traces of the classic color duo are mixed in with our vibrant showcases, the eye is drawn towards the lime green fur with “holiday cheer” martini glasses. This is probably due to the fact that green and red is very basic and almost a crutch for holiday decorating. Now don’t get me wrong, no intention on offending anyone who loves the classic Christmas look, but we have noticed a strong immediate response on our windows. Since they are a store’s first impression to the public, we go all out. Periodically I will notice cars slowing down to look at the fun festivities taking place in our displays. Our feeling of accomplishment comes when people walking by our store, stop, double take, and choose to come in to see what else we have in store. Jewelry shopping isn’t boring so why have displays that are? This holiday season I want to challenge everyone to think outside of the box and expand into a new realm of holiday fun! If you do the same thing every year change it dramatically, I guarantee this will not only catch the onlookers eyes but also provide a sense of accomplishment and distinction as you pass by competitors noticing they didn’t have the courage to be different and challenge tradition! Best wishes throughout this holiday season to you and yours!