Want to get Engaged? How to Drop a Hint

Around the holidays, it’s hard to ignore that warm & fuzzy feeling you get inside. The feeling that makes you just a little bit happier, a little bit more in love. And a little bit more willing to discuss it all (guys included).
For couples, these holiday feelings can quickly grow into discussions around “our future together” – and questions around what happens next. For some people it’s easy, and they make the decision together about when, where and how to get engaged. Today, many couples even go out and buy the ring together – in fact, about 65% percent of women are involved in the ring-buying process.
However, for many women, this isn’t how they want it to happen. That’s why “dropping a hint” becomes so important…because, let’s be honest, we almost all want some sort of say in a ring we’re wearing for the rest of our lives. That was me – an old-fashioned romantic, but incredibly picky fashionista. Yet I ended up with a ring that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.
My fiancé and I have always been extremely open and willing to discuss our relationship – maybe it’s our strong-willed and stubborn natures – so when we talked about marriage I knew that an engagement was in my future (near or far, I wasn’t sure).
At that time I wasn’t working in the jewelry industry yet. So when the opportunity arose for a fun, girl’s night out at a local jewelry event, I eagerly RSVP’ed with my best friend. It was the first time I had actually looked at diamond engagement rings in person. It was the first time I had actually tried one on. But best of all, I went home with a beautiful Hearts On Fire catalog to remember it all (and the style I loved)…and to, of course, show it to my boyfriend immediately.
I’ll give him credit – guys are more observant than we think. This was (honestly) the only time I showed him a ring that I liked. But he remembered the event that I went to, he asked my best friend for a reminder of the style to be sure, and he went from there on his own. Who knew – I had dropped a hint, and I barely even knew it.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I would have loved any ring my fiancé got me because nothing means more when it comes to the thought, love and emotion behind it. But am I happy that I got one that still makes me a little giddy every time I look at how much it sparkles?…I sure am.
As we all get a little warm & fuzzy for the holidays, do you have a question or suggestion when it comes to dropping a hint?
This article came from the Hearts on Fire website.  The original article can be found here.