Diamond Contacts – Latest Trend in Eye Candy

Got your eye on diamonds? How about diamonds on your eye? That’s right, the latest trend in eye-fashion now hitting Bollywood is diamond and gold contact lenses.

As if having the ability to go from brown eyes to blue, or even personifying your inner feline with cat eye contacts wasn’t enough, now anyone can see the world through diamonds and gold – contacts, that is – for a whopping $15K a pair.
The idea to bring the jewelry industry to the eyes of the contact lenses business is that of Chandrashekhar Chawan, optometrist and creator of La Ser eye jewelry line. According to an article on msnbc.com, Chawan’s inspiration for blingy eyewear was cosmetic dentistry his wife has diamonds planted into her teeth recently.
If you are one of the lucky 3,996 diamond lovers to get your – well, eyes on these, not to worry! Although not FDA approved, Chawan says the lenses are safe and comfortable, sitting 6 to 9mm away from the eye. You’ll also get your choice of diamonds set in yellow or white gold.
According to the same article, Chawan predicts a day in which these twinkling contacts replace the need for traditional jewelry. Until then, you can still satisfy your diamond dazzle right here at Jewelry.com.
So the next time you see someone with an extra twinkle in their eye, do a double take because their eyes just might be sparkling with diamonds.
This article is from: jewelry.com