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Powered by unparalleled ‘deep-dig’ analytics developed and perfected over the past 30 years, our consultants provide expertise in retail operations, inventory control, and operational and financial management. They identify problems with, and provide solutions for, excessive debt, over stocking, deficient cash flow, and low sales volume. They answer the question many jewelers ask: “What should I buy?”
Our clients represent a wide array of jewelry stores, with volumes ranging from $1 million to $25 million. Many are members of buying groups, such as IJO, RJO, CBG, or of organizations like the American Gem Society (AGS). Clients receive formal monthly management calls, have unlimited access to FOCUS advisors, and attend our workshops throughout the year, gaining valuable hands-on experience in running their stores.

Proven Results

A typical $1 million store can add an additional $100,000 in gross profit that is otherwise being lost. Our methodologies were used by one jeweler to grow his business from 5 stores to 20 stores. Success stories abound. You can be next.
The right process, the right tools, correctly applied at the right time – that is how you grow long-term profits and how FOCUS Business Management Institute works!

Don Greig – Founder & President

Don is the Founder and President of FOCUS Business Management Institute. FOCUS BMI’s revolutionary business analysis tools – bringing together proprietary financial and operational information – were conceived and developed by him over 30 years ago, and have been refined and perfected every year since then.
Don began his career as a watchmaker and jeweler managing a chain of stores and operating his own store. He recognized that jewelers wanted and needed educational and advisory services to help them solve the inherent and complex problems facing the industry. Don has spent the majority of his working life providing advice and counsel to over 1,000 jewelers worldwide, and has become a highly respected expert in the field of retail jewelry consulting. His wealth of experience and the incredible team he has built at FOCUS is what makes the Institute what it is today.

Shirley Greig – Client Liaison

Shirley Greig is Don’s wife and partner and is typically the first person you will speak to when you call the FOCUS offices. Shirley has a personal charm and effervescence that can bring a smile to your face and make a good day great! She works closely with our clients to get their daily and monthly data into our analytics engines, so that our business management consultants can thoroughly review a client’s operations. With over 20 years of business and office management experience, Shirley is a valued asset to the organization.

Michael Derby – Senior Business Management Consultant

As a buyer and financial and inventory analyst for the past 20 years, Mike brings extensive expertise in retail operations, inventory analysis, marketing research, financial analysis and national advertising campaigns to our FOCUS team. Mike has worked in both independent and chain retail operations as well as manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. He has leveraged these experiences with FOCUS clients for over a decade, providing monthly management consulting, teaching management workshops, and helping our clients increase their profitability, develop business management skills, manage their inventory, and increase their enthusiasm for the business.

Jim Matero – Business Management Consultant

Jim provides valuable expertise to FOCUS from two different aspects. Jim is retail store owner with 35 years of experience, as well as a graduate gemologist and trained bench jeweler working with CAD design and custom fabrication. Before joining the FOCUS team as a Business Management Consultant, Jim was also a FOCUS client. The invaluable information he has acquired provides him with an exceptional background as he works with FOCUS clients to help them manage their businesses and become more profitable.

Jeannie Schneider – Office Management Consultant

Jeannie is involved in all aspects of FOCUS’ daily operations and she is the person responsible for making sure the office runs properly. Although her primary responsibilities are in supporting Don in running FOCUS, she also works with our clients. Jeannie contacts all new clients to welcome them to the FOCUS Family and to explain the procedures after joining FOCUS. With over 20 years of experience in management and bookkeeping, Jeannie can assist you with all your office needs. She is the person to contact with your spreadsheet and Quick Books questions.

Alexander Greig – Information Technology Consultant

With a Bachelor of Business in Commercial Computing, Alexander has been developing software for over 20 years. He has vast experience in programming, databases, operating systems, and systems administration. Also having worked in the family jewelry business since he was 10 years old, he has acquired a great knowledge of the industry. That knowledge, combined with his programming expertise, allowed him to create our FOCUS reporting system. Because of Alexander’s knowledge of databases, the FOCUS reporting system can interface with most jewelers’ POS systems. He works closely with our clients on many technical software and hardware issues.

Paul Ismael – Technical Support Consultant

Paul is fondly known by our clients as “Diablo Pablo.” For nearly 15 years Paul has been entrenched in network administration and systems analysis. From his beginning as an AS400 Administrator for Fortune 500 companies like Electronic Arts and Wells Fargo Capital, Paul has perfected his craft and kept current with the latest trends and techniques in the technology industry. Paul is currently responsible for handling all technical support issues, data collection, aggregation, and administration for Focus BMI clients world-wide.

FOCUS doesn't just have clients...they have raving fans!

"When I first started with FOCUS, I was in financial straights and had supplier, employee, and family transition concerns. FOCUS helped me out of these and helped me grow and make a lot of money.”

— Jim Matero, Owner
Jaymark Jewelers

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