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Jim Bartlett Jewelry Wins Best Jewelry Store in the Longview News – Journal’s Best of East Texas Contest


Events keep jeweler’s business thriving

Jim Barlett of Jim Barlett Fine Jewelry Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at the business in Longview. (Kevin Green/News-Journal Photo) Jim Bartlett has operated Jim Bartlett Fine Jewelry in Longview for 32 years. He says business is doing well despite the post-recession atmosphere.
Jim Bartlett says he is in the celebration business.   Evidently, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate in East Texas, because he said business is booming despite the economy being on the back end of one of the nation’s worst recessions since the Great Depression.   Weddings, anniversaries, births and other events form the backbone of what keeps customers coming through the...
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World’s Best Management Software for Jewelers

  What do you think is the best way for Focus to describe their services?   Management software for jewelers? Jewelry management systems?   If are asking yourself, "What is the world's best software for jewelers?", we have your answer.  Focus Business Management's proprietary analytics system is by far, the best jewelry software available.  Our detailed reports pinpoint opportunities for increased profitability, and help you work on a day-by-day and month-by-month plan on how to run your retail jewelry store like a business.   The only way you can get access to these powerful reports is to become a Focus client.  We provide you with these detailed reports, as well as with personalized, one-on-one...
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How to Choose a New Supplier

Choosing a new supplier or manufacturer is much more complicated than simply falling in love with a jewelry line or wanting to build more store traffic with a recognized name brand. But all too often, retailers fall into one of these two traps, and they pay dearly for it for years to come. Instead, selecting a new supplier should come with a plan to develop your business. That plan should be specific, and tied to a sales goal for your company as a whole.   Most retailers don’t realize that 70% - 80% of their sales come from only 10 – 12 different suppliers, and over 50% comes...
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Window Displays are Critical to Sales Success – Morgan Bartel

We are proud to repost this article from InStore Magazine by Morgan Bartel of Collins Diamonds -- a Focus client.  It discusses the importance of having an intriguing window display that will capture attention.   Every year as people go holiday gift shopping they see the same run of the mill, red and green decor from storefront to storefront. This year we opted to bring in a whimsical mishmash of playfulness, quirky appeal, and humor! Although traces of the classic color duo are mixed in with our vibrant showcases, the eye is drawn towards the lime green fur with "holiday cheer" martini glasses. This...
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How an Effective Buying Plan Determines Your Success

By Don Greig   “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. – Unknown   Having an effective buying plan is one of the keystones to retail jewelry store success.  Keep in mind that each month ends a previous 12 month trading cycle and begins a new one.  How well you plan your buying for the next 12 months will control your success.  



We are all familiar with the Pareto principle:  80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  The same holds true for your suppliers.  Your top 8-10 suppliers should be producing 80% of your sales.  Therefore, if you want to increase your annual sales by 30%, you will...
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Carbino’s Jewelry in Ogdensburg wins SBA Small Business Excellence Award

Congratulations to Carbino's Jewelry on winning the SBA Small Business Excellence Award!!  
  OGDENSBURG -- Carbino’s Jewelry and Diamond Center was honored recently with a Small Business Excellence Award in East Syracuse.   The U.S. Small Business Administration and the New York Business Development Corporation hosted the 13th annual luncheon to recognize the achievements of local small businesses. The NYS Small Business Development Center at SUNY Canton nominated Carbino’s Jewelry and Diamond Center for the award.   Carbino’s was a well-known family business in the North Country for nearly 100 years when Mr. Carbino retired and closed the business in 1997. Three years later, Greg Carbino decided he wanted to get back...
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Want to get Engaged? How to Drop a Hint

Around the holidays, it’s hard to ignore that warm & fuzzy feeling you get inside. The feeling that makes you just a little bit happier, a little bit more in love. And a little bit more willing to discuss it all (guys included).   For couples, these holiday feelings can quickly grow into discussions around “our future together” – and questions around what happens next. For some people it’s easy, and they make the decision together about when, where and how to get engaged. Today, many couples even go out and buy the ring together – in fact, about 65% percent of women are involved in the ring-buying...
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Consumers Want to Engage via Technology – Digital IQ

This article was originally posted on the Centurion Jewelry site and can be found in its entirety by following this link:   By Hedda Schupak, Editor, The Centurion New York, NY—In the latest research from L2 ThinkTank showing specialty retailers’ digital IQ, jewelers made a dismal showing in terms of overall digital savvy. The highest-ranking jeweler on the list, coming in 19th out of 64, was Tiffany & Co., with what L2 called “a jewel of a mobile app and smart digital cross promotion.” L2 assigned it a digital IQ of 118, which fell into its “gifted” category.   But the good news is that...
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An Open Invitation to the Retail Jewelry Industry from Don Greig

Dear Fellow Retail Jeweler:   Focus Business Management Institute is the industry leader in retail jewelry consulting. We provide retail jewelers with a comprehensive program of training, consulting and monitoring tools, helping you:  
  • Reduce Supplier Debt
  • Maximize Cash Flow
  • Enhance Profitability
  • Increase Personal Income
  • Gain Peace of Mind
On average, for a store doing $1M in annual sales, you can put an extra $100,000 in profit in your pocket with very little change to your current operational procedures.   In Success,   Don Greig, Founder...
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Diamond Contacts – Latest Trend in Eye Candy

Got your eye on diamonds? How about diamonds on your eye? That's right, the latest trend in eye-fashion now hitting Bollywood is diamond and gold contact lenses.

  As if having the ability to go from brown eyes to blue, or even personifying your inner feline with cat eye contacts wasn't enough, now anyone can see the world through diamonds and gold - contacts, that is - for a whopping $15K a pair.   The idea to bring the jewelry industry to the eyes of the contact lenses business is that of Chandrashekhar Chawan, optometrist and creator of La Ser eye jewelry line. According to an article on, Chawan's...
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