Retail Jewelry Consulting

The FOCUS team has a wealth of retail jewelry experience. Tap into it to grow your business.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is your “stock in trade.” Getting the right return on your stock is vital to profitability.

Educational Workshops

Workshops are free to clients and their staff. They are the hub of our education and training.

The 4 S’s

In diamonds, we have the Four C’s. In retail business management, we have The Four S’s: Stock, Suppliers, Staff, and Self.

FOCUS Retail Jewelry Consulting

Led by President Don Greig, Focus Retail Jewelry Consultants has been partnering with small and large retail jewelry stores throughout the world for over 30 years assisting them to improve their profitability and over-all business practices. As a former watch maker, jewelry store owner and international expert, Don not only has an in-depth understanding of the challenges today’s 21st century jewelry store owners face, but also how to over-come them. Challenges like finding and managing the right suppliers, reducing old stock, succession planning, eliminating business debt and maintaining the proper product mix and price points for the client you want.