Retail Jewelry Consulting

The FOCUS team has a wealth of retail jewelry experience. Tap into it to grow your business.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is your “stock in trade.” Getting the right return on your stock is vital to profitability.

Educational Workshops

Workshops are free to clients and their staff. They are the hub of our education and training.

The 4 S’s

In diamonds, we have the Four C’s. In retail business management, we have The Four S’s: Stock, Suppliers, Staff, and Self.

FOCUS Business Management Institute

Led by Founder and President Don Greig, the FOCUS team uses its proprietary analytic software, and your POS data, to guide you through the process of optimizing all aspects of your store’s operation. FOCUS provides the education, training, reporting tools, management consulting, and coaching you need to run an efficient and profitable jewelry store.

Another set of well-informed eyes and ears may be just what you need to move your business to the next level. Whether you are contemplating an expansion or recognize your margins are shrinking, we can help guide your store to growth and prosperity. Independence can be lonely. A good consultant is like a working partner, with only one objective: to improve your business!

FOCUS doesn't just have clients...they have raving fans!

"FOCUS has armed us with the tools we need to make cognitive decisions that help us move forward. They now figure very prominently in all our decision-making.”

- Curtis Bennett
V.P. of Retail Operations, O.C. Tanner

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  • Workshops

    Check out our Workshops, which are free to all clients. They are the hub of our education and training.

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